Wanna Learn How to Create 30 Days' Worth of Content In Just 20 Minutes?

I'll Show You How In My Masterclass. 

I'll Even Give You My Content Creation Calendar

I'll be sharing 2 videos to walk you through the content calendar process and repurposing your Lives
The Masterclas will be at 5:15 p.m. ET
April 3, 2018! 

Learn How To Use Your Various Social Media Platforms for Facebook Lives Inspiration! 

I'll share the EXACT ways that I get my content ideas for FB Lives!

Turn 20 Minutes Into 30 Days Worth of Content! 

AND...just rinse and repeat from month to month!
What You'll Learn During This LIVE Presentation...
The #1 Myth That Holding You Back From Pressing Live And Getting An Active Audience
90% of the people I talk to are not so much afraid of pressing live. They don't know what to TALK about! 
How 20 Minutes Can Turn Into 30 DAYS of Content! 

Not Sure What To Talk About On Your Livestreams? Learn How To Generate An Endless Flow Of Trendy Topics That You Know Your Audience Will Love!
The most common set-back people have about live-streaming is knowing what content to provide and for how LONG. I'll be sharing my 5-minute formula that can position anyone as the go-to expert in their industry and keep your prospects coming back for more.
How To Find Hot Topics In Places You Never Even Expected And Immediately Create Your Own Content Calendar To Start Earning More Cashflow!
I'm going to give you access to my content calendar so you can immediately start building your month's worth of FB lives ideas and become a content creation MACHINE!
Lina Adjogble, Owner, Brilliantly Virtual
Dr. Adam Burke, D.C. and Team Leader, Team Transform Your Life
Laura White, 
Life Coach
Mona Giordano, Inspirational Speaker/Author/Coach
Why should you listen to Trish Leto?
Trish has shared Her Knowledge With Thousands of People helping them to get REAL results with their Facebook Lives and Stories.

Trish has Been Featured On Multiple Podcasts and Live Speaking Engagements! 
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