Wanna Sell Your Stuff Using Stories?

If you're posting on social media daily, but NOT engaging with your audience very well, then you're seriously wasting time and leaving a bunch of money on the table. 

Are you ready to build your LIST, get people excited about your next open house, your Shopify store flash sale, or your next FREE or PAID webinar? 

Cool! Let me teach you about the "technical" stuff and you can start to have some FUN connecting with people and making some extra cash! 
I'm gonna show you EXACTLY how to get organic growth for your business and YES, make money too! 
Here's what you'll learn!
  • Using stories with Facebook and Instagram
  • The power of checking in to your Geo locations
  • How to repurpose your stories across multiple platforms
  • Affiliate marketing using stories - yes, making MONEY! 
  • How to warm up your audience before going LIVE!
  • Different ways to use filters
  • Using calls to action to direct people to your thing!
  • How to conduct polls
  • Use Snap Chat filters for your FB and IG stories!
  • How to repurpose your stories into other posts!
  • Using native apps on your phone to add value to your stories
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