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Want Your Facebook Lives Re-purposed into MORE Income FOR You?
We will upload your Facebook Live to YouTube, fully-edited with an added intro, convert it to an e-book, and a create a 45-second video clip for individual posted content (like Instagram, etc.)
***Requirements: Video must be 60-minutes or less.
Facebook Lives that are done in a private or closed group must be downloaded as an MP.4 and provided TO us (we cannot download a video that has group permission restrictions). If the video is done on a Facebook business page or personal page, we can access it and do this FOR you.
***Limitations: We will only post to your YouTube channel for you. You must post the completed and edited videos to other social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. yourself.

Check out the below video that my team took from a Facebook Live that I did and uploaded it to YouTube with a cool intro bumper, title, and tags!
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